PRO Unlimited Wand® VMS Named Gold Winner in 2017 CEO World Awards®

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Given our ongoing goal of creating innovative VMS (vendor management system) software that powers better contingent workforce management, we’re thrilled to announce that PRO Unlimited was recently named a CEO World Awards® Gold Winner in the “Products, Upgrades and Innovation of the Year – 500-2,499” category.

The recognition was primarily centered around four areas of Wand, PRO’s cutting-edge VMS platform, which empowers managers by enabling them to:

1) Effectively manage all aspects of the contingent workforce supply chain.

Managing aspects of the worker lifecycle in siloes can lead to a fragmented, unsatisfactory worker experience, allow “rogue spend” by hiring personnel to continue unchecked, and prevent businesses from realizing the full potential of their contingent workforce.

Wand enables managers and program owners to oversee the full lifecycle management of contingent workers, including:

  • Procuring these workers from staffing suppliers, including scheduling interviews
  • Self-sourcing with the Wand Private Talent Network module
  • Reviewing analytics and reporting with the Wand Discovery module
  • Handling timecard and billing management
  • Rating workers and offboarding

Similarly, Wand enables users to manage the full lifecycle of Statement of Work (SOW) engagements.

2) Self-source talent.

The number one way to generate program hard dollar savings in a contingent workforce program is through self-sourcing talent. Why? Because taking this approach enables businesses to avoid supplier markups, while simultaneously expediting the onboarding process and increasing worker quality.

To that end, Wand has recently launched its “Talent Network” module, which allows clients to create their own private, self-sourced candidate pool. Furthermore, Wand uses industry-first resume-parsing technology to automatically match and suggest candidates to managers based on a robust, proprietary algorithm.

3) Execute talent management strategy.

Managers, workers, suppliers and others perform many actions as part of the contingent worker management process – and they produce a lot of data while doing it. Capturing this data, processing it and producing actionable analytics can help businesses drive significant cost savings, boost efficiency and empower executives to make critical workforce planning decisions.

Wand Discovery, a Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool, offers interactive dashboards that enable managers to view information such as:

  • Global headcount and distribution by labor type (staffing sourced, SOW, payroll, etc.)
  • Request fulfillment cycle time
  • Supplier performance
  • Bill rate benchmarks
  • Spend analytics

Building on the success of Wand Discovery, PRO recently enabled “Total Talent Management” through Wand as well. This functionality allows clients to import their full-time data along with their contingent data to create total talent management dashboards. This gives them insights into the best ways to engage talent, as well as letting them review worker quality across labor categories and side-by-side market rate data. As a result, it’s never been so easy to identify areas to drive cost savings, program effectiveness and worker quality.

4) Move seamlessly across channels.

With so many managers and workers pinging from laptop to smartphone to desktop to tablet during the day, providing the flexibility to perform tasks across devices and channels is becoming increasingly critical to optimizing time and efficiency.

That’s why PRO built Wand Mobile as a 100 percent native app, designing it from the ground up for Apple and Android devices to deliver a rich, intuitive user experience that leverages the full capabilities of the device. This includes features such as Touch ID for login, use of the phone’s camera to capture receipts for expense reports, push notifications and more. Wand Mobile powers a consumerized, omni-channel experience that allows users to effortlessly move from the web to mobile, instantly.

If you or a member of your team would benefit from a further discussion on how PRO is helping companies implement winning contingent workforce management programs globally, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at

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