On Demand Hiring Intelligence

Visibility to accurate job market rates is critical for making the right hiring decisions that optimize for cost, engagement type, location and more. RatePoint puts on-demand, global market data directly at your fingertips, enabling you to make more informed hiring decisions and quickly source critical roles.

Accessible and Comprehensive Rate Analysis

Rate analysis is critical for making informed hiring decisions. Fortunately, RatePoint does the heavy lifting for you. Interactive dashboards tell you the attributes that drive the rates for each of your positions, and let you alter those attributes to see how each affect the rate and cost of labor.

Optimized Hiring Decisions

RatePoint empowers you with hiring intelligence that enables you to optimize your contingent workforce decisions. Utilize RatePoint to ensure that you are paying the right market rate, whether you are optimizing for cost, or aggressively trying to attract in-demand talent by targeting the top end of the market rate range.

Strategic Planning Through Hiring Intelligence

Intelligently plan your hiring strategy by understanding how the geographic location and trending data impact market rates for specific job titles you plan to hire.

Global Market Rate Visibility

RatePoint enables users to achieve a deep understanding of market rates based on a number of criteria, leveraging the industry’s largest data repository. This on demand access dramatically increasing market intelligence, empowering users to make more informed hiring decisions and optimizing the cost and location of resources globally.

With RatePoint, users can accurately price contingent labor for all their positions globally. Furthermore, they can see how labor costs vary in different global markets. By expanding candidate searches to new locations, organizations can often increase cost savings, diversity and their pools for niche skills.

In addition to location, RatePoint allows compensation specialists to see how a wide variety of criteria impacts rates, including skill sets, rate types, engagement types, job levels and more. Users can even compare the rates their organization is paying for a position to the broader marketplace.