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Actionable BI Analytics for Managing the Global Workforce

Presenter: Ted Sergott, SVP, Product Development, PRO Unlimited

Utilizing analytical tools give organizations the ability to make strategic workforce planning decisions and real-times adjustments based on tactical insights. Business outcomes include cost containment, organizational transparency, risk management, and higher talent quality.

Learn how evidence-based talent analytics are shaping how organizations manage their global contingent workforces. The results speak for themselves: companies that use data-driven analytics are 5% to 6% more profitable than their competitors.

Some of the topics Ted Sergott covers in the webinar include:

  • Internal and external data sources used for contingent talent analytics/BI
  • Different types and forms of data analytics
  • A six quadrant data analytics/BI contingent workforce maturity model
  • Importance of combining the human and technology elements for data analytics/BI
  • The need to integrate data analytics/BI into the product and workflows
  • Different ways contingent labor analytics/BI can be used on mobile devices

Watch the Webinar

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