May 2021 Labor Market Report

As the global economy continues to recover from 2020 and work-from-home polices evolve, organizations are fine-tuning location strategies to help increase cost savings and improve talent quality.

For our May 2021 Labor Market Report, we analyzed millions of data points to help piece together key themes, identify early signs of recovery and offer helpful insights. With services procurement (SOW) continuing to be a massive area of contingent labor spend – and a huge opportunity for cost optimization – we also dug into that area of the business. Key topics include:

  • - Pay rate growth by industry
  • - Tech hub hiring trends across locations
  • - Identification of hidden staff aug spend
  • - Services procurement (SOW) project and budgeting trends

Check out the report for exclusive data and analysis on the latest labor market trends to help your organization thrive in the new world of work.

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