The 2019 Contingent Workforce Industry Report

Organizations worldwide are using greater percentages of contingent workers to meet their staffing needs. With competition for skilled knowledge workers rising, those companies that manage contingent labor effectively will find themselves in a stronger position to win the battle for talent.

In our industry report, “The Contingent Workforce: trends, strategies and understanding the non-employee workforce 2019,” we share exclusive data and insights to help organizations improve their contingent workforce programs. Topics include:

  • - Managed Services: Workforce growth trends and data-driven decision-making
  • - Vendor Management Software: AI, self-sourcing and mobile breakthroughs
  • - The International IT Marketplace: Key developments across Europe and India
  • - Staffing Providers: The latest on H-1B visa processing and its impact

Check out the 2019 report and learn how you can help optimize your organization’s contingent workforce program and ensure it continues to thrive in today’s evolving landscape!

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