DirectSource PRO Uses AI to Help Employers Find the Best Talent, while Driving Unprecedented Efficiency & Cost Savings

Direct sourcing, or the filling of contingent requisitions with qualified workers that an organization sources from its own private talent pool, can drive cost savings, improved talent quality and faster time to fill. But to effectively implement an enterprise direct-sourcing program and realize these benefits, it’s critical that various technology and service components are not only present, but also seamlessly integrated. Disparate point solutions from multiple vendors can cause incomplete, fractured and inefficient workflows.

This results in increased costs ranging up to 30% markup points above the cost to employ contingent workers compared to a single solution, equating from tens to hundreds of millions in cost savings for large, global enterprises.

Learn how DirectSource PRO can offer you the industry’s first “one-stop” centralized platform with key benefits including:

  • - AI/Machine Learning-powered SaaS Technology
  • - Direct-Sourcing Curation Services
  • - Data and Global Rate Intelligence
  • - Program Management and Analytics
  • - Payroll and Compliance Solution

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