Premium Global Procurement Landscape Assessment

With the global workforce shifting rapidly and the remote worker population exploding, leveraging data to pinpoint where and how to source is critical to winning the ever-evolving battle for talent.

Our new “Global Procurement Landscape Assessment” provides detailed location analysis of more than 30 regions, countries and cities around the world to help organizations understand the competitive environment, talent pool, workplace, social/political factors, and legal and regulatory impacts of each and identify the most favorable sourcing locations. You’ll learn:

  • - The status of procurement talent in each location
  • - What hiring managers can expect when sourcing in each location
  • - Pricing in each targeted market, plus cost-savings opportunities
  • - Likely business outcomes that would accompany sourcing in these markets

Request your copy today and gain critical insights on how you can approach sourcing of future roles to optimize talent quality and cost savings.

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