The State of India’s Workforce in 2019

India’s tech market is beginning to boom. It is set to add upwards of 250,000 new jobs in 2019. However, employers are struggling to fill the roles. They are looking for “gig” and full-time workers with more experience than most professionals have.

This skills gap and shortage of qualified workers means that companies need to be a step ahead of managing their talent pipeline. Streamlining the way that high quality talent is sourced with cost-effective, risk-averse practices through a strong supplier network can help Indian companies prepare for the job surge. But, instead of relying on overworked internal resources, choosing an expert, vendor-neutral partner to manage it all may be just what they need to achieve these workforce goals.

Our latest white paper, we discuss “The State of India’s Workforce in 2019” and how the following trends are impacting it:

  • - Rising demand for job roles in big data, BI and analytics
  • - Adopting emerging technologies
  • - Growing popularity of the gig economy
  • - Increasing salaries

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