PRO Unlimited’s Regulatory Newsletter – Spring 2022

The Spring 2022 Edition of PRO’s quarterly Regulatory Newsletter has arrived! The newsletter continues to highlight the latest events in labor markets globally and, as always, has been built by experts across the legal, HR, Contractor Compliance Services, immigration, and Client Payroll Operations teams.

North American Regulatory Topics Include:

  • - DOL’s Amended Independent Contractor Rule Reinstated
  • - Privacy Shield Update
  • - Updates to New York’s Whistleblower Laws Take Effect
  • - USCIS Publishes New Proposal for Public Charge Rule
  • - Plus 14 more items!

EMEA and APAC Regulatory Topics Include:

  • - Hong Kong - Employment Protection for COVID-19 Regulation Compliance
  • - Netherlands - Large Companies Have to Pay Invoices Within 30 Days
  • - United Kingdom – Employment Rights Increase of Limits for Claims
  • - United Arab Emirates – Important Changes to Employment Law
  • - Plus 11 more items!

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