Using Data to Optimize Sourcing Strategy: The Recipe for Success

Today, the remote workforce is growing rapidly and the talent market is tighter than ever. In this volatile landscape, many organizations are struggling to leverage workforce data to understand how location, skills and other factors impact market rates.

In “Using Data to Optimize Sourcing Strategy: The Recipe for Success,” you’ll learn how you can assemble the ingredients needed to cook up a successful data-driven sourcing strategy that maximizes talent quality, creates instant ROI and supports DEI goals. Topics include:

  • - The Data: Laying the critical foundation
  • - The Experts: Ensuring the highest data accuracy
  • - The Metrics: Gaining a deep, holistic understanding of the market
  • - Combining the Ingredients: Using data to drive diversity, equity and inclusion

Check out the infographic and discover the critical ingredients for enhancing your organization’s talent acquisition approach.

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