Webinar: Defining What Matters to the Extended Workforce

The contingent workforce is becoming more and more important to organizations worldwide, and the ongoing war for talent continues adding to the challenges of attracting workers. To gain a competitive advantage, businesses need to learn about the factors and experiences that drive contingent workers to opportunities.

Our webinar based in our research developed in partnership with The Mom Project and Werklabs, “Defining What Matters to the Extended Workforce: Key Drivers for Attracting, Equipping, and Empowering Contingent Labor,” goes over what the contingent workforce values, how it assesses the workplace, and more. The expert panelists dive into topics such as:

  • - Which factors motivate talent to pursue certain job opportunities
  • - The ways inclusion, trust and belonging play out in the workplace
  • - How companies can empower contingent talent within their organizations
  • - Actions employers can take to facilitate more positive, productive work experiences
  • - And more

Watch the webinar to gain critical insights and learn about steps your organization can take to better attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive market.

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