Webinar: Diversity Data – Creating a Blueprint for Actionable Change

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is becoming a bigger business imperative for an increasing number of organizations. Like all other business initiatives, data can help shine a light on the areas where change is needed the most. But many organizations still need guidance on their diversity data approach as they start to include their contingent workforce, as well as understanding how that data can inform their future organization-wide DE&I strategy.

The webinar, “Diversity Data – Creating a Blueprint for Actionable Change,” outlines best practices for organizations to safely collect and utilize diversity data with the goal of improving inclusion, belonging and equity within their business operations.

Topics include:

  • - Understanding the history and business imperative of DE&I

  • - Collecting DE&I data in your organization securely

  • - Using DE&I data to impact levers of change across the business

  • - Creating a future effective DE&I strategy, and more

Watch the webinar and learn how the right approach to using DE&I data can lead to real impact across your business.

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