Evolving Workforce Dynamic in the COVID-19 Landscape

As the landscape evolves in 2021, it is our primary goal to provide the industry with dynamic solutions to address the complex global workforce. This deck is intended to provide unique insights and market trends for contingent labor as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Using data, best practices, tools and technology while embracing an agile approach to talent acquisition and retention will be key going forward.

The market research and analysis focuses on the following topic areas:

  • - Vaccinating the Workforce: Encourage, Not Mandate
  • - Keeping a Close Eye on Worker Quality & Time to Fill
  • - Mobile Workforce Effect on Pay Rates
  • - Returning to the Office: Word on the Street
  • - Burnout and Mental Health Concerns while Working from Home
  • - The Shift Towards the Hybrid Model
  • - COVID’s Disproportionate Effects on Diverse Workforce
  • - Bridging the Gap for a Diverse Future

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