Consumerizing the VMS

As with many B2B and enterprise technologies, VMS software has historically suffered from a robotic, cumbersome approach to user interaction. Recently, though, shifting customer expectations have led top-tier enterprise tech businesses to rethink software design.

Our new data sheet, “Consumerizing the VMS,” reveals how a clean, intuitive, actionable interface can drive increased business agility, user productivity and user satisfaction. You’ll learn how:

  • Creating an actionable environment improves efficiency
  • Leveraging contextual interface design improves the user experience
  • Tapping into “recognition vs. recall” helps streamline processes
  • Delivering omnichannel access fuels faster execution

Check out the data sheet and discover how PRO Unlimited is redefining the VMS user experience and how Wand VMS can help your company better manage its contingent workforce.

Download the Data Sheet!

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