2018 US and Global Regulatory Updates – 1st Edition

Here is 2018’s 1st edition of our Quarterly Regulatory Newsletter. There are two documents:

  1. Regulatory Newsletter – domestic updates only
  2. International Regulatory Newsletter – global updates excludes the U.S.

Our team of experts covers a number of topics ranging from Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC), Employment Law, Immigration, and Payroll in each newsletter. Within those sections, readers can find more specific information around the following:

  • Tax Cuts & Jobs Act – Effect on Independent Contractors
  • Memo from New NLRB General Counsel Terminates Initiative to Treat Misclassification as Violation of the NLRA
  • “Gig Economy” Grubhub Driver Found to be Independent Contractor
  • US DOL Adopts New Test for Intern Status under the FLSA
  • NLRB Rejects Obama-Era Test for Joint Employment and Returns to Former, More Stringent, Test
  • Legislation Updates
  • General Updates: 2018 Payroll Related Changes

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