Using Reporting and Analytics to Improve Contingent Workforce Management

Capturing the data connected to your contingent labor program is one thing, but often businesses struggle to translate this data into actionable intelligence. In many cases, the data is retrospective, the visual representations clunky, and analysis more descriptive than predictive.

In “Using Reporting and Analytics to Improve Contingent Workforce Management,” you’ll learn how you can tap into business intelligence tools to overcome data challenges and improve strategic workforce planning. Topics include:

  • Understanding Your Workforce: Gain better global visibility and ensure compliance
  • Uncovering Billing Trends: Make smarter decisions about spend and drive cost savings
  • Revealing SOW Opportunities: Better understand and manage these projects
  • Improving Time to Fill: Identify problem areas and determine root causes

Check out the new data sheet and learn how Wand Discovery can help you reduce costs, improve worker quality, mitigate risk and increase efficiency.

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