Professional Third-Party Payrolling Services

As the workplace has shifted, companies quickly look outside of their organizations for talent. While this is certainly a vital channel, they often forget the rich repository of workers they can tap as part of a self-sourced talent pool. These workers include everyone from former employees and consultants, to retirees, to internal referrals. In this Webinar, Neerav Shah, a VP of Client Services at PRO Unlimited, will examine how self-sourced talent pools are an important component in helping companies compete in the global market. Some of the topics will cover include:

  • Reasons companies should self-source contingent talent
  • Challenges of self-sourcing talent
  • Self-sourcing trends per industry and region
  • A self-sourcing requirements checklist
  • Real-world case studies that demonstrate how companies are realizing tangible business value from self-sourced talent pools

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