Using Candidate Matching to Find the Best Contingent Worker for the Job

Finding the perfect candidate for a temporary position isn’t easy. For starters, hiring managers must often manually sift through resumes of all shapes, sizes and formats to get a feel for how closely candidates match a job requisition. Traditionally, it’s been a laborious process that can take precious time away from performing other tasks.

In our new data sheet, “Using Candidate Matching to Find the Best Contingent Worker for the Job,” you’ll learn how Candidate Match, a groundbreaking Wand VMS feature, enables managers to more quickly and effectively identify candidates who most closely align with a job’s requirements. Topics include:

  • Taking advantage of PRO’s resume-parsing technology to save time
  • Using Candidate Match to more quickly zero in on the best people for a job
  • Customizing Candidate Matching to your individual hiring preferences
  • Making faster, smarter hiring decisions that drive cost savings

Check out the data sheet and discover how you can use Candidate Match to help secure the best talent for a specific job.

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