Wand VMS, the Most Robust Omnichannel VMS Solution on the Market

Managing a contingent workforce that involves a wide variety of stakeholders is a complex undertaking. Wand VMS helps optimize the process by providing a powerful technology platform for managing the contingent workforce in a simple, intuitive way.

Our new data sheet, “Wand VMS, the Most Robust Omnichannel VMS Solution on the Market,” explains what Wand is, what it does, and why using it to manage a contingent workforce offers organizations a host of benefits. Topics include:

  • Wand Mobile: Drive faster execution and decision-making when on the go
  • Wand Discovery: Fuel smarter strategy by tapping into cutting-edge analytics
  • Wand YourSource: Create a private network of workers from which you can self-source
  • The Power of a Joint Offering: Leverage PRO’s unique integrated MSP/VMS model

Check out the data sheet and discover how Wand VMS can help your organization achieve optimal results from its contingent labor program.

Download the Data Sheet!

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