Expanding the Talent Pool through Self-Sourcing

There’s intense competition for talent, and organizations need to use multiple sourcing options to ensure they are getting the best talent. To that end, there are several key components an organization needs in order to succeed with a self-sourcing strategy. These include:

  • The ability to cultivate a private network of known workers viewable only to the company
  • Technology that surfaces talent matches from within this network within the request creation process
  • Expert Managed Service Program consultants who possess a breadth of experience across different industry segments
  • Applicant portal that allows organizations to leverage their brands to attract new talent

First launched in 2007, PRO Unlimited’s Wand YourSource solution enables organizations to realize the benefits of self-sourced talent while managing it underneath the umbrella of a managed contingent labor program. This ensures you have the right cost, risk management, and talent quality controls in place for self-sourcing talent.

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