How to Self-Source Contract Talent in Three Steps

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In a Huffington Post article titled, “Making the Case for Private Contract Talent Networks,” Brad Martin, Senior Director of Product Marketing, PRO Unlimited shares the three steps organizations need to take when self-sourcing.

Creating Your Private Contract Talent Network

  • Partner with a proven Vendor Management System (VMS) provider that has the capability to create, manage, and source from the organization’s talent pool
  • Populate the network with people who have worked at the company; they are familiar, proven individuals and are pre-vetted
  • Provide an easy way for managers to access and source from their organization’s talent network

When a private talent network is implemented and managed correctly, it can serve as one of the main levers for reducing costs in a organization’s contingent workforce management program.

Read the full article to learn how to set up your own private contract talent network.

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