Progressive Program including Self-Sourcing Delivers Millions in Savings over Two Years

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We are ready for the SIG Global Executive Summit next week, are you? Join us in Rancho Mirage, CA for a multi-day event focused on honing your sourcing expertise, including our session focused on achieving millions in savings through self-sourcing talent. For more information on our session, refer to the detail below. We look forward to meeting you in person! Not able to attend the conference, but interested in learning more? We would be happy to connect with you.

How a Progressive Program including Self-Sourcing Delivered Millions in Savings over Two Years – Day 1, October 16, 12:55pm

This session will review how CDK Global transitioned to a vendor-neutral and integrated Managed Services Program (MSP)/Vendor Management Software (VMS) model to increase headcount by 30% and achieve millions in savings. We’ll discuss how organizations using a private talent network to self-source workers realize lower mark-up and consistently higher quality than agency recruited workers.

This session will cover the following key objectives:

  • How to build, implement and curate a private talent network
  • How to realize significantly lower mark-ups with self-sourcing than staffing agency-supplied workers (capture savings as high as 20% or more)
  • How to reduce time to fill and realize higher worker and hiring manager satisfaction
  • How to leverage a strong client brand in local areas

Speakers include:

  • Mike Morsch, Vice President, Procurement, CDK Global, LLC
  • Donna Farro, Manager, Talent Acquisition, CDK Global, LLC
  • Neerav Shah, Director, Client Solutions, PRO Unlimited

If you or a member of your team would benefit from a further discussion on how PRO is helping companies implement winning contingent workforce management programs globally, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at


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