Three Key Areas of Project Management that Ensure Success

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The foundation of project management falls into five categories: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and managing. However, project management goes beyond these five categories. It requires communication, flexibility, and scalability.

PRO’s Mike Harvey, VP, Implementations shares lessons learned specifically from the contingent workforce management industry. He provided CIO Review magazine with insights into the following three areas and explains why they are critical. In the article titled, “Three key areas of project management that ensure success” Mike highlights the following:

  • Clarity in communication: this includes everything from upfront communications with the project team to delivering communications using the language and tools that work best with a client’s culture.
  • Flexibility in approach: project management is essential in delivering key results; however, the team and more importantly the project plan require flexibility especially when addressing 1st generation and 2nd generation buyers.
  • Scalability in design: this demonstrates the growing need for a scalable approach as the model to support clients in different countries. In the contingent workforce industry, this means accounting for compliance, recruitment markets, and financial transactions at the local level are rolled up into a global program.

As companies continue to engage 3rd party firms to consult and manage, these factors should be taken under consideration to help ensure a smooth program launch.

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