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In 2017, PRO Unlimited published more than 60 blog posts aimed at sharing the latest strategies, tactics and technologies that business leaders can use to better manage their contingent workforces. Here’s a look at the Top 10 posts of the year (as measured by page views), complete with links to the original content. The goal? Helping your business reach even greater heights in 2018.

10) “Using Technology to Better Match Contingent Workers and Job Requisitions

As a hiring manager, finding the right candidate for a position can be a daunting task. Learn how data, algorithms and scoring are transforming the once-manual process of reviewing candidates into a more automated, efficient and effective one.

9) “Using Mobile VMS to Manage Contingent Workforce Engagements

A recent study revealed that respondents saw an average gain of almost an hour of productive work time because of their smartphone usage. Check out this post for some examples of how mobile can increase agility and enable faster execution of contingent workforce tasks.

8) “3 Steps to Ensure Total Workforce Visibility

As contingent workers represent a greater percentage of the overall company headcount, the ability to track the entire workforce has become extremely difficult. In this post, you’ll discover three steps your company can take to ensure total workforce visibility and reduce misclassification risk.

7) “Global Shoe and Apparel Manufacturer Adopts a Purely Vendor-Neutral and Integrated MSP/VMS Model

Gain a better understanding of the real-world impact of vendor-biased practices – including supplier resistance and a lack of program adoption by hiring managers – and learn how PRO’s integrated MSP/VMS platform helped a global shoe and apparel manufacturer overcome them.

6) “Defining a Purely Vendor-Neutral and Integrated Contingent Workforce Solution” 

What is vendor neutrality, and why does it matter when it comes to contingent workforce management? Gain the answers to these questions and see how a vendor-neutral approach might be advantageous for your company.

5) “Infographic: How Millennials Are Changing the Workforce

Now that millennials occupy the largest generational share of the workplace, how should businesses adjust? To help companies understand how millennials are impacting the workforce, we created a new infographic that shares some of the most fascinating statistics regarding this demographic.

4) “Innovations in Vendor Management Systems, Part 5

The final post in our VMS innovations series covers rate and spend management, implementation and consulting, and services procurement. You’ll find tons of exciting info about advancements in business intelligence, SOW management, market rate data analysis and more. Check out the other parts of the series too – there are some good nuggets of information in those as well!

3) “Another Global Company Selects a Vendor-Neutral Model” 

A leading company that provides a digital catalogue platform was looking to streamline contractor onboarding, improve multichannel sourcing capabilities and maximize cost savings. Find out why they partnered with PRO and how they achieved total visibility into contingent labor spend.

2) “The Benefits of a Private Contract Talent Network

Companies have begun to embrace organizing self-sourced contingent resources into talent networks with an eye toward realizing benefits such as cost savings, increased talent quality and faster time to fill. Check out this post to learn more about the power of self-sourcing.

1) “How to Maximize Contingent Workforce Data

Savvy HR professionals are looking to capture and harness data and analytics to make smarter decisions about where, when and how to employ contract talent. This post shares the stories of three companies that have leveraged contingent worker data to fuel business success.

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