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PRO Unlimited published more than 60 blog posts in 2018 with an eye toward keeping organizations abreast of the latest contingent workforce management trends, as well as providing companies with tools and tactics they could use to help optimize contingent labor programs.

Here are the top 10 PRO blog posts of the past year, based on page views. We hope they provide you with ideas and inspiration for the year ahead!

10) “3 Ways Analytics Can Help Optimize Contingent Workforce Management

There’s so much data out there today, but how can you use it to improve program performance? This post shares three ways workforce analytics can help organizations.

9) “Accomplishing More with the Wand Mobile Supplier App

Account managers, recruiters and sourcers – like just about everyone these days – are frequently on the go. This post highlights the release of the Wand Mobile Supplier App, the first mobile app designed specifically with supplier workflows in mind.

8) “Infographic: Artificial Intelligence and Contingent Workforce Management

AI can be an intimidating topic, so this infographic distills some key factoids into a viewer-friendly visual overview of the most exciting areas of AI as it relates to contingent workforce management.

7) “Contingent Workforce Management Industry: Global Supplier Awards

Each year, PRO honors outstanding staffing agencies that consistently meet and exceed the talent and project requirements of our customers worldwide. Learn more about the 2018 winners in this post.

6) “Artificial Intelligence – Its Impact on Contingent Workforce Labor

From embedded intelligence to augmented reality – and much more – discover how AI is reshaping contingent workforce management.

5) “Infographic: How Millennials Are Changing the Workforce

Ever since millennials became the largest generation at the workplace a few years back, businesses have been grappling with how to adjust. This infographic shares some of the most fascinating stats regarding this demographic.

4) “California Supreme Court: Adopts Stringent ‘ABC’ Test for Independent Contractor Status

Earlier this year the California Supreme Court issued its much-anticipated decision in Dynamex Operations West, Inc., v. Superior Court, and this post shares the key takeaways from this ruling.

3) “5 Overlooked Gig Economy Trends

There have been so many conflicting reports about the gig economy that it can be tough understand its real implications. This infographic take a visual look at five underreported, overlooked gig economy trends to consider.

2) “2018 Contingent Workforce Management Trends: 3 Areas to Watch

AI, total talent management and increasingly complex compliance laws were hot topics in 2018, and all three will continue to impact the landscape in 2019.

1) “What Is a Vendor Management System (VMS), and Why Use It?

Get a quick overview on what a VMS does and the benefits it offers, and then drill down further into related resources.

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