Achieve Contingent Workforce Visibility with an Integrated Approach

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Dustin Burgess’s thought leadership approach to Total Workforce Visibility continues to gain coverage as it was recently featured on The Huffington Post. The article details the benefits of adapting a holistic view of an organization’s contingent workforce.

As PRO Unlimited’s VP of Strategy, Analytics and Metrics, Burgess detailed the necessary steps to obtain total talent workforce visibility and how to avoid potential pitfalls that can occur when a contingent workforce isn’t properly managed. He advises the use of an  integrated vendor management system (VMS) and managed services program (MSP) to gain full visibility and control of talent in all locations.

According to the “2017 Workforce Compliance Report” published by WorkMarket, the contracted labor population accounts for 20-60% of the workforce at half of the 200 companies surveyed. Yet, approximately 23% of the company leaders surveyed do not know how many contractors they have and approximately 20% do not have easy access to contractor data.

With contingent workers representing an even greater portion of company’s blended workforce, the need to manage it is imperative to prevent data security breaches, worker misclassification, and unnecessary operating expenses, among other concerns.

Read the full article to learn more about the benefits of an integrated contingent workforce management approach in establishing total workforce visibility.

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