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Allie Ben-Shlomo, COO and EVP, PRO Unlimited, continues to be asked to weigh in on contingent workforce management best practices. In a recent thought leadership article titled, “Key Considerations When Seeking Contingent Labor Management Advice,” Allie shares her expert insights with Sourcing Industry Group’s (SIG) readership.

Contingent Labor Management Advice

Allie emphasizes that contingent workforce management is a unique discipline that encompasses interdisciplinary areas of expertise such as Vendor Management, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources Operations, Employment Law, and Employment Tax. As the contingent workforce becomes more visible at the executive level and a larger percentage of the organization’s overall workforce, stakeholders are asking more strategic questions about their current state contingent workforce program including:

– What are the cost-savings opportunities?

– Are we adapting to recent market shifts that will help us win the battle for talent?

– How does the program reduce risk for the company?

– Does our contingent workforce management approach align with the company’s goals and objectives?

To learn about the other key considerations you need to know when seeking contingent labor management advice, click here. 

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