Using Mobile VMS to Execute Contingent Worker Approvals

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For most hiring managers, the average day is packed with activities that don’t necessarily involve managing contingent worker approvals. Still, failure to attend to these items can result in undesirable payment delays, unhappy suppliers and problems for the finance department.

With the average person checking his or her smartphone about 50 times per day – and millennials doing so at an even greater rate – an industry-leading mobile vendor management system (such as Wand VMS) enables faster execution on these action items. In short, mobile access to these tasks allows managers to take advantage of a few minutes here or there while on the go to complete items such as approving time cards and expense reports.

Furthermore, mobile alerts and push notifications can help to make sure these approval action items don’t get overlooked in the rush to attend to other tasks. In fact, studies have shown that most recipients read push notifications within minutes, as opposed to hours.

For example, consider a scenario in which an apparel manufacturer manager stops at a café to grab a coffee in between off-site meetings. While observing the long line and wondering how to efficiently use this wait time, he gets a notification on his Apple Watch that timecards are awaiting his approval. He reviews and signs off right from his watch, and by the time his cappuccino is ready, he’s crossed “timecard approvals” off his to-do list.

The PRO Unlimited Approach

Our Wand Mobile VMS offers the same powerful functionality found in Wand web, supporting worker approvals across mobile devices — even Apple Watch. To help you increase efficiency and effectiveness, we built Wand Mobile (a native app on iPhone and Android devices) to help managers carry out the following actions while away from their desks — just to name a few:

  • Stay on top of tasks: To make sure you never miss a key task, Wand Mobile in-app alerts guide you to pending approvals.
  • Select the best candidates: Wand Mobile notifies you when you have new candidates to review for open requests. (Learn more: “Using Mobile VMS to Review Candiates and Schedule Interviews.”)
  • Manage your workforce: Scan all your workers on assignment at a glance, review assignment end dates, approve engagement changes and much more.
  • Review timecards and expense reports: Approve or reject timecards and expense reports submitted by your workers, individually or in bulk, with a single tap.
  • Respond quickly: Push notifications provide notices of key items such as timecards that are awaiting review, and you have the power to customize the types of notifications you receive based on your needs and preferences.

The average person now spends more than five hours on day on their mobile devices, up 20 percent from two years ago. If you’re not currently leveraging the channel to execute contingent worker approvals, consider shifting your approach to realize the benefits mobile can offer.

For more on how mobile is impacting the hiring manager experience, check out “5 Ways Mobile Improves the Contingent Workforce Management Experience.”

If you or a member of your team would benefit from a further discussion on how PRO is helping companies implement winning contingent workforce management programs globally, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at

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