Achieve Peak Value with an Integrated Contingent Workforce Model

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A recent article in Buyers Meeting Point, a renowned procurement news outlet, details the 5 benefits of a purely vendor-neutral and integrated contingent workforce management model.

As the contingent workforce continues to expand with companies spending significant amounts of capital on talent, the need for proper management has become all the more important. Thus, a purely vendor-neutral and integrated Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) is the optimum solution to implement in order to achieve a number of key benefits. Let’s explore these benefits further:

  • Risk Management: Having an MSP team well-versed in the complexities of managing worker classification and co-employment risk management can make a huge difference in eliminating issues.
  • Cost Savings: Consolidated invoicing through a VMS reduces instances of a billing error, while the aforementioned MSP risk mitigation helps ensure clients avoid costly litigation and misclassification penalties.
  • Process Efficiency: With a dual offering, the on-site MSP team of recruitment and employment experts oversees the automation of contingent workforce management processes via the VMS. Users can then tap into the power of automation to reduce the average requisition process from weeks to days.
  • Complete Workforce Visibility: With a cutting-edge integrated MSP/VMS solution, users with specific needs can work with their MSP to create an executive dashboard. These personalized dashboards can visually reflect the data points requested and enable the ability to interact with this data in a seemingly endless number of ways.
  • Talent Quality: Clients can work with their MSP to develop a supplier-tiering system to deliver new job requisitions to first-level suppliers that have historically provided superior talent.

To sum it up for you, an integrated solution has the ability to produce a plethora of enhancements and benefits for an organization that could not be achieved when an MSP and VMS are implemented separately. Read the complete article to learn more.

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