Defining a Purely Vendor-Neutral and Integrated Contingent Workforce Solution

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As a leader and pioneer in the contingent workforce management industry for 26+ years, PRO Unlimited provides clients with a purely vendor-neutral and integrated managed service program (MSP) and vendor management system (VMS). So, why does this model matter to companies and more importantly, why has it been so effective?

Our executive vice president of business development, Andrew Popler, elaborated on this approach during an interview with Spend Matters.  Andrew emphasized that pure vendor neutrality only exists when the MSP or VMS provider has no affiliation whatsoever with a staffing agency. He stated, “our clients will tell you that the vendor-neutral approach consistently delivers the highest quality talent at market-driven competitive rates. Suppliers embrace the vendor-neutral MSP model and are never hesitant to present their best candidates for consideration. The results achieved by adopting this approach are advantageous for all program stakeholders.”

The editors from Spend Matters echoed that statement by adding, “Creating a competitive environment for sourcing labor, while ensuring a level playing field, enables rather than impedes the use of lower cost, direct sourcing options such as independent contractors and freelancers. Finally, pure vendor neutrality means the solution provider is beholden to no one other than the client, which is the never case when the MSP can compete to fill requisitions.”

The article also goes on to highlight superior cost efficiency, greater agility, and pure simplicity as the benefits from using a combined solution. These cannot be achieved when an MSP and VMS are used separately.

Read the full article to see the other advantages realized from implementing this approach. 

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