Visibility’s Role in Your Workforce Planning Strategy

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Full workforce visibility presents many material cost benefits to companies, especially when quality talent carries a big price tag in today’s tight job market. In a new Buyers Meeting Point article, PRO’s Dustin Burgess, SVP of Strategy, Analytics, & Metrics dives into the many reasons why gaining insight into an organization’s total talent population should be a top priority for executives.

The article touches on what companies should expect after taking advantage of new technology and guidance from industry experts to enhance their workforce planning strategy. Possibilities afforded by this better visibility include some of the following:

  • Reduced spend on employee benefits by hiring contingent workers for short-term projects
  • Improved resource reallocation to bridge gaps with existing talent
  • Avoidance of wage premiums through increased awareness of overtime usage

As Dustin explains, the impact of broader workforce visibility materializes quickly through a variety of hard cost savings. Certainly, when leadership quantifies these benefits, upfront investments in data visualization tools and management consulting are quickly justified. Even greater than the dollars saved, however, is the priceless confidence executives gain by knowing they are making informed choices that will bring them closer to their business goals.


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