The VMS for the Modern Workforce

PRO Unlimited’s vendor management system (VMS) platform, Wand®, is a robust solution for managing the contingent workforce in a simple, intuitive way. The only pure native mobile, tablet, and wearable VMS solution on the market, Wand delivers a comprehensive solution across various devices and platforms for all of the stakeholders in the contingent labor ecosystem, including procurement and HR leaders, department heads, managers, workers, and suppliers.

What It Does

Wand centralizes contingent workforce management—including temps, independent contractors, statements of work (SOW)-based engagements, and self-sourced contractors—into one cloud-based platform. This is accomplished via an omnichannel experience for the Web, mobile devices, tablets, and even wearables.

PRO designed Wand from the ground up using design principles found in some of the most innovative, leading-edge software products in the world, resulting in an easy-to-use, highly intuitive user experience—both for the novice and advanced user.

What It Is

Based on an open-cloud architecture, Wand delivers seamless integration with all major ERP/HRIS and various other third-party systems. It is also fully SAS70/SSAE16 compliant (since 2003) and WhiteHat Security and ISO27001 certified. Core capabilities of Wand include, but are not limited to:

  • Total talent management that includes onboarding and offboarding, timecards and expenses, data analytics, and much more
  • Self-sourcing with the Wand YourSource module
  • Analytics and reporting with Wand Discovery module
  • SOW project sourcing and management
  • Mobile alerts and communications

Simple-to-Use Cloud-Based VMS

Elegant, comprehensive cloud-based interface for all the different stakeholders in the contingent workforce management ecosystem.

Ground-Breaking Mobile and Tablet Apps

100% native mobile and tablet apps for iOS and Android devices that deliver an elegant, intuitive user experience.

Business Analytics and Intelligence

Tactical and strategic decision making using insights and analytics that tap interactive, dynamic visualizations for guidance.

Wand VMS Goes Anywhere You Go

Introducing the Human-Friendly VMS.  PRO’s proprietary platform is a software-as-a-service based (SaaS) platform called Wand.  Wand brings contingent workforce management, SOW based engagements, independent contractor utilization, and self-sourced contractors into a centralized platform, helping control quality and cost, while driving compliance.

PRO designed Wand from the ground up, with design principles found in the most innovative software products in the world, not just in the contingent workforce management industry. The result is an intuitive user experience for both the novice and advanced user.

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