Why Your Contingent Workforce Management Model Matters

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Allie Ben-Shlomo, COO and EVP of PRO Unlimited shares her perspectives with Spend Matters magazine on contingent workforce strategy and management; specifically what is taking place in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Allie begins by saying, “The pharmaceutical and biotech industries continue to face operational transformations as competition for talent remains fierce, however, pressure to minimize costs, improve efficiencies and substantiate value continues to ramp up. As the war for talent continues to be waged, developing a cohesive contingent workforce strategy supporting total workforce management will ensure your company is leveraging proven best practices to access talent, drive savings and efficiencies and mitigate risks.”

The Contingent Workforce Management Model of Choice for Successful Companies

Later in the piece, Allie adds that implementing a purely vendor-neutral MSP enabled by a Vendor Management System (VMS) is the model of choice for successful companies. Just ask a multi-billion dollar global healthcare company that transitioned to a purely-vendor neutral and fully integrated MSP and VMS. Prior to its current vendor-neutral model, the company used a staffing agency model in the capacity of a MSP to source and acquire contingent workers across many of its U.S. locations. Read why they changed to a purely vendor-neutral model here.

Allie concludes by saying that an integrated and purely vendor-neutral model makes a tangible difference both operationally and in terms of business value. When MSP and VMS solutions are consolidated under a single vendor-neutral model, a deeper understanding of the business is always reached. Natural synergies develop, and as a result, organizations are able to optimize cost and quality.

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