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Managed Service Provider

We pioneered the purely vendor-neutral MSP model and continue to innovate the space today.

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Vendor Management System

Our award-winning SaaS-based Wand VMS platform provides clients with the first true native mobile VMS.

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On demand hiring intelligence through the world's largest global market rate data repository.

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Unparalleled subject matter expertise, strategic best practices, and data insights culled from the world's largest market intelligence database.

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Leverage cutting-edge AI and machine learning to bring large companies the industry's most sophisticated SaaS solution for direct sourcing.

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Tap the world's largest global market rate, salary and talent intelligence data set to glean real-time insights.

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The world's first holistic platform for the modern workforce.

Now that up to 50% of your workforce is external, it’s time to think differently. Companies are finding that contingent labor needs to be treated much more holistically. And they are moving away from a number of discrete vendors — VMS, MSP, payroll, compliance, data/analytics, talent curation and the like — because they need to have a true technology ecosystem that enables the entire workflow and can integrate effectively across the entire company to manage their contingent workforce.

In this new world of work, an adaptable and integrated workforce management platform is the key to success. PRO’s Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) platform includes: SaaS, professional services, total talent intelligence, compliance/risk mitigation, employer of record, and worker experience solutions to support both the organizational and contingent workforce management program goals of the Fortune 1000 and beyond. 

PRO can help you deploy a workforce strategy that understands and anticipates the shifting needs of your flexible workforce while taking an integrated, total-talent view of the organization. 

A radically changed workforce demands radical rethinking.

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