A Pioneer in Contingent Workforce Management

Founded in 1991, PRO was formed on the premise that there was a critical need to manage the entire ecosystem of the contingent workforce.

Our Founding

At the time, the workplace was in the early stages of a dramatic transformation. Large companies were downsizing their workforces for lower costs and greater flexibility, giving rise to a rapid proliferation of temporary staffing providers.

Suddenly, growing percentages of the workforce became contingent workers—temps, independent contractors, consultants, among others. Especially for large companies, the contingent workforce quickly became an important operational lynchpin, though it also grew into a substantial cost. And with this growth came greater risks around tax and benefit liabilities.

Part of the problem is that contingent workforce programs operated in myriad silos and lacked visibility across all of them. We sought to tear down those silos and provide enterprise‐wide transparency by building connections and managing the processes between all of the different contingent workforce stakeholders.

While the marketplace has changed over the years — from new business requirements and technologies to additional regulations — our vision and mission have remained the same. With the right contingent workforce management processes and systems, organizations can realize tangible business outcomes.


Our Approach

Leading with innovation and placing clients at the forefront are crucial cornerstones that the company laid when it was first founded. And they remain today. Indeed, our offerings have evolved over the years because we have listened to our customers while keeping a close eye on the marketplace. In doing so, we can tout a proven track record of innovation (“industry firsts”) that include:

  • Misclassification and Co-Employment Risk Management in 1991
  • Vendor-Neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) in 1995
  • Vendor Management System (VMS) in 1998
  • Global MSP Offering in 2002
  • Statement-of-Work (SOW) Management System in 2004
  • Native Mobile and Tablet VMS Apps in 2014
  • Native VMS Wearable for Apple Watch in 2015
  • YourSource Talent Network Direct-Sourcing Module in 2016
  • Native Mobile Supplier App in 2018
  • Industry's Most Personalized VMS Interface in 2019
  • AI Digital Assistant in 2020
  • Industry's First Integrated Workforce Management Platform in 2020
  • Most Comprehensive DE&I Solution for the Contingent Workforce in 2021

Our journey has just begun. The company continues to look into the future, through the lens of clients and where the marketplace is headed, to determine what the next big innovation will be.

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