Employer of Record

As the contingent workforce approaches 50% of total employee headcount, there is an exponential increase in the complexity of sourcing and managing workers from a regulatory, pay rate and benefits perspective. Organizations need solutions that provide compliance, payroll and benefit management, mitigate risk, and create an optimal contingent worker experience.

Client Benefits

We deliver the industry’s most comprehensive Employer of Record (EoR) solution for enterprises worldwide, which is fully customizable to fit your requirements.

Compliance Risk

Ensure workers are properly classified and verified. We handle onboarding functions and redeployment and provide third-party payrolling services for a range of different workers.

Cost Savings

Increase efficiency with well-managed payrolling capabilities that track time, billing and expenses. And leverage our utilization metrics to identify opportunities for cost savings.

Worker Experience 

Provide a superior worker experience as part of today's leading workforce management programs by offering workers on-demand pay, top-tier benefits and streamlined technology.


Effectively and intelligently identify, engage and secure the best talent in the world and achieve diversity goals through our direct sourcing solution, powered by Eightfold's AI technology. We offer:

  • Trends, analysis & reporting on hiring activity
  • Optimized pay rates 
  • Enhanced worker experience
Working with Technology Working with Technology

Comprehensive Worker Benefits

Offer workers the industry’s most comprehensive benefits package, which includes:

  • National, group-qualified medical, vision, dental & more
  • Section 125 pre-tax contributions; 401(k) enrollment
  • Pension plans in certain countries

Worker Experience

Provide workers with an enhanced experience through our centralized VMS, which is easily accessible by web browser or mobile app. Workers can easily:

  • Enter timecards
  • Track & enter expenses
  • Manage attendance

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