Direct Sourcing

Our Direct Sourcing solution leverages cutting-edge AI and machine learning to bring large companies the industry’s most sophisticated SaaS solution for direct sourcing of contingent labor.  

Client Benefits

An effectively implemented direct sourcing solution for contingent labor not only requires various technology and service components, but that it also seamlessly integrates those components. Our direct sourcing offering gives clients a single, end-to-end direct sourcing solution, all in one integrated platform.

Cost Savings

Find the best talent at the most affordable rates and avoid unnecessary spend with the power of accurate rate intelligence. 

The Right Talent

Combine AI-powered SaaS technology with a privately curated talent pool to leverage your brand to find the best candidates.

Diverse Talent

Reduce bias by masking candidate attributes through AI-driven technology and promote diversity across your business.

Hiring Success 

Gain visibility into your program with our Program Management and Analytics to discover the critical drivers of successful hiring. 

AI & Machine Learning

Match the right candidates to roles quickly, hire for potential and drive a diverse workforce with our AI and machine learning-powered solution.

  • Automatically attract & engage ideal candidates
  • Deploy sophisticated candidate matching technology
  • Drive a diverse and inclusive workforce at scale

Curation Services

Leverage the power of your company brand in combination with our value-added curation services to attract candidates, manage your talent pool of direct sourced candidates and engage the best hires cost-effectively.

  • Implement talent pool curation to widen access to candidates
  • Future proof with an automated & consistent talent funnel
  • Improve the candidate experience for higher conversions

World’s Largest Workforce Data Set

Leverage the world’s largest contingent workforce data set to gain accurate rate intelligence for workers sourced anywhere across the globe.

  • Price talent anywhere in the world 
  • Utilize real-time market rates
  • Analyze pay rates & bill rates for direct-sourced workers

Program Management & Analytics

Gain visibility into all aspects of the program and understand which factors lead to the most successful hires to increase overall hiring success.

  • Understand if your program is running efficiently
  • Glean operational insights to improve program outcomes
  • Strategically shift approach to align with organizational goals

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