Augmented Reality and Contingent Workforce Management

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What if you could take an inanimate object and make it come to life? With augmented reality, this once-hypothetical scenario is increasingly becoming realized across all walks of life. For example, some leading organizations are already using augmented reality to turn their previously static employee handbooks into interactive guides. With a simple wave of the phone, an employee can watch related videos and even have a two-way conversation with the handbook.

Combining this type of functionality with the cloud and the Internet of Things opens up intriguing possibilities in the world of contingent labor.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is one of the most exciting subsets of artificial intelligence (AI) as it applies to contingent workforce management. As Meriam Webster defines it, augmented reality is “an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device, such as a smartphone camera.”

Used strategically, augmented reality blends elements of the digital world with a person’s perception of the real world to create a more engaging, interactive and immersive experience. As a result, the number of users of augmented reality is growing and is expected to reach 1 billion users by 2020.

Using Augmented Reality to Drive a Better Experience

With contingent managers and workers alike increasingly on the go – and virtually always traveling with a smartphone in tow – the ability to leverage augmented reality to bring a company’s physical locations or workspaces to life has fascinating potential for improving efficiency.

Imagine, for example, a pharmaceutical company with contractors working at several large physical locations. One contractor for this company is on site at a hospital campus. She reaches a building with no obvious signage and places her phone over the door.

With the help of augmented reality, this simple motion makes the building comes alive, providing a map and informing the contractor where she is on campus and what’s in the building.

For more on this scenario, as well as other ways organizations might leverage AI to improve the hiring and managing of contingent workers, check out PRO Unlimited’s white paper, “Artificial Intelligence and Contingent Workforce Management.” You can also register for the upcoming webinar, “AI Is Changing Contingent Workforce Management: What You Need to Know.”

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