Making The Business Case to Outsource your Contingent Workforce Program

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For the past two decades, large organizations representing many industries have experienced a steady increase in the hiring and utilization of workers who are defined as “contingent” or “temporary.” 

Commonly referred to as temps, freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors and consultants, today’s contingent workers make up over 40% of the entire workforce (including IT, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, etc.) sourced via colleagues, independent contractors, staffing agencies or consulting firms.

In an increasing number of cases, organizations are recruiting contingent workers to perform highly specialized roles. This includes data science, advanced software programming, graphic design, predictive analytics and a number of other white-collar roles requiring deep expertise in areas ranging from technology and banking to pharmaceuticals and retail.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Contingent  Workforce Management Provider 

The time and energy required for managing the contingent workforce can be overwhelming, and tapping a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management Software (VMS) solution can help you overcome the challenges you’re facing, including:

  • Limited internal resources struggling with creating and standardizing efficient processes
  • Hiring managers that must handle the administrative side of managing contingent talent
  • Key details that are overlooked during projects (time entry and approval, budget reporting, etc.)
  • Worker and supplier engagement that is not handled properly to foster relationships
  • Changing localized law and regulation compliance that is impossible to keep up with
  • Decentralized and duplicative system processes
  • Lack of subject matter expertise across legal, human resources, data analytics, employee relations and vendor management specific to the contingent workforce

Without a customizable and scalable MSP and VMS solution in place that can adapt to your evolving needs, you’re likely paying too much for talent, at risk of non-compliance, and overextending internal resources. 

A broad range of people in your organization are impacted by and involved in your contingent workforce management process and will benefit greatly from a centralized, expertly operated solution.

Click here for the whitepaper to learn more about outsourcing and to see if you can answer specific questions about managing your contingent workforce.

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