Advantages of Using Wand VMS to Capture and Manage SOW Spend

Despite considerable financial investment in SOW projects, many organizations either aren’t capturing their SOW spend at all or are trying to manage SOW in ill-fitting ERP or HRM systems. To drive continuing organizational success, it’s crucial to leverage specialized systems to achieve specific procurement goals.

In our new data sheet, you’ll learn about the benefits of using Wand for SOW management versus an ERP, HRM or SMS system. Topics include:

  • - Upstream: Managing the Requisition Process
  • - Downstream: Managing Projects and Optimizing Spend
  • - Leveraging Mobile to Coordinate SOW
  • - Why Services Is Critical to SOW Spend Optimization

Check out the new data sheet and learn how your organization can employ an integrated ecosystem of best-of-breed technology platforms to help exceed its procurement goals.

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