Leveraging Five-Star Data

As the work world continues to evolve, talent becomes more geographically dispersed, and top talent becomes even more sought-after, “five-star” data has become critical to capitalizing on both worker quality and savings opportunities worldwide. Yet many organizations face a variety of data challenges that hamper their ability to gain a competitive edge in the battle for talent.

In “Leveraging Five-Star Data,” you’ll learn about the increasing importance of quality data within human capital management and how it can drive significant program benefits. Topics include:

  • The complexity of hiring & managing contingent workers
  • Types of data needed for optimizing talent acquisition & workforce management
  • Avoiding data collection pitfalls & the characteristics of five-star data
  • Using five-star data to drive massive cost savings

Check out the white paper to learn how you can tap into five-star data to capitalize on both worker quality and savings opportunities around the globe.