The Next Generation Vendor Management System

Wand, PRO Unlimited’s vendor management system (VMS) platform, is an omnichannel solution that is simple, easy to use, and highly robust. The Web-based channel delivers a comprehensive solution for all of the different stakeholders in the contingent labor ecosystem, including HR and procurement leaders, department heads, managers, workers, and suppliers.

Consumerized End User Experience

Based on design principles found in some of the most innovative B2B and B2C applications in the marketplace, Wand was built from the ground up. The Web‐based version provides all contingent workforce stakeholders with comprehensive capabilities that can be accessed in less than three clicks.

SaaS‐based, Omnichannel System

Because Wand is a cloud‐based platform, its omnichannel user experience is fully integrated. Data is synchronized across all devices — Web, mobile, tablets, and wearable. As a result, users can seamlessly transition between their different devices when using Wand.

Interactive BI and Total Talent Solutions

Wand Discovery gives power users the ability to get from program data to transactional data quickly and easily. The dashboards are interactive, which allows you to instantly and dynamically change the reports and see the results in real time.

Secure and Easy to Integrate

Wand VMS was built with an open cloud architecture, and has been integrated with every major ERP/HRIS or 3rd party system. Wand also has world class security features, and is fully SAS-70/SSAE-16 compliant, as well as WhiteHat security certified.

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Self-Sourcing Made Easy

Wand's YourSource Talent Network tracks your previously self-sourced candidates and automatically matches them to new requisitions. YourSource is your personal database of high quality contract talent that can be engaged directly at a significant cost savings over traditional agency sourcing.

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Real-Time Market Rate Benchmarking

Managers have the details they need to attract top quality talent without overpaying with the Wand Market Rate Module. When creating a request in the Wand VMS, managers receive guidance through real-time rate information concerning what the market will allow for the resource they are requesting.

The Market Rate Module accounts for skill sets and geographic area where the work will be performed. Because managers are given the market rate range for each skill set and given locale, they have a navigational guide to evaluate candidates sourced by the different suppliers.

PRO’s Strategy, Analytics, and Metrics (SAM) team manages the data repository behind the Market Rate Module and moreover provides interpretive BI based on years of experience. This combination of the technology and human elements is a value proposition not offered by other contingent workforce management providers.

Wand YourSource: Your Talent Self-Sourcing Resource Tool

Sometimes managers know who they want to source for a particular job or project and do not need to source the position through a staffing agency. Or in other instances a brand wants to leverage its brand awareness and stature to source talent directly. These individuals might be retirees, former full-time employees, independent contractors, or freelancers.

Benefits of Self-Sourcing Talent

PRO’s Wand YourSource enables organizations to realize the benefits of self-sourced talent while managing it underneath the umbrella of their centralized contingent labor program. This ensures the cost and risk management as well as talent quality controls that you use for third-party talent sourcing are extended to talent you elect to source directly.

How It Works

Using the YourSource module, managers can:

  • Search the YourSource database for potential talent matches
  • Qualify self-sourced candidates to specific job and/or project requirements
  • Benchmark direct-sourced candidates against staffing agency, SOW provider, and freelance marketplace candidates

Once the worker has been chosen, the worker’s 1099 worker screening and validation, onboarding and offboarding, time cards and expenses, among many other activities are managed within the broader Wand VMS platform.

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